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Makeup Lessons / Makeup Courses (1 on 1 or group)

I am getting asked more regularly to help my clients understand how to apply their own makeup as well as the techniques, the sequence in how to apply the products and advice on which are the best products to use. And of course,  inside secrets on how to get the best discounts!


This is such an important skill to have under your belt so that on any occasion that comes your way, you’re fully confident that you can apply your very own makeup and look your best!


I train you in the very best products and colour tones for your own skin, show you the best products (both skin care and makeup) so you know exactly how to apply your own makeup. Both for more glam makeup looks for hitting the town as well as more natural makeup looks for the day time and work.

Ellie Watkinson MUA Make up artist image 2


Prices range from £80 for a 2 hour slot on a 1 on 1 basis if learning on your own face or from £150 on a 1 on 1 basis if learning on a model.

makeup training apply your own makeup