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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup Artist - Eyebrows and Lip Blush

I currently offer this service in studio in Manchester Chesterfield and Sheffield.

I absolutely love the transformation I give my clients when they come to me for semi permanent eyebrows or lipblush.

Many people have either over plucked their eyebrows yeas ago and they never grew back or simply lack the lustre eyebrows they crave for. Well semi permanent makeup is definitely the answer to make your life so much easier and you will look incredibly better too.

No more trying to patch up your eyebrows every day and then worried, the cover up makeup will wear off throughout the day!

I am a fully trained Permanent Makeup Artist, specialising in semi permanent brows and lip blush. Having been in the beauty and makeup business for over 8 years, I added permanent makeup to my skillset as so many of my makeup clients were asking for this service.

If you’ve been thinking about whether you should get your brows or lip blush done, I would love to talk to you and tell you more about how I can help.

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You will be asking yourself  lots of questions such as “how permanent is permanent?”, “how much does it cost?”, “how long does it take?”, “does it look like real eyebrows?”, ” is it painful?” –  well all the answers to your questions are below in the following links so feel free to browse.

But there is nothing better than a real conversation, so please get in touch to discuss your exact requirements.


I currrently offer this service in studio in Manchester Chesterfield and Sheffield

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