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After care for Semi Permanent Makeup

Aftercare Instructions For Semi Permanent Brows

It must be remembered that aftercare is incredibly crucial to achieve the best results from your treatment and your semi permanent eyebrows. You must allow healing to take place and after the very first treatment, you may experience some imperfections in the colour and this is totally normal and will be addressed at the second treatment.

The treatment includes just one touch up and this will be enough to get your desired result. But if you require more than one touch up, this will be charged at a reduced rate of £85 if you return within 6 months of the second procedure.

After your 2nd procedure, you can expect the area to be a little tender, sore and red. There maybe a little puffiness and a little oozing of clear fluid from the area and this is all perfectly normal.


What You Should Not Do After Nanoblading or Microblading Eyebrows



It is best to avoid for the next few days:


  • Running or swimming
  • Hot hot tubs or saunas
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Sunbathing in direct sunlight

and you must

  • Avoid getting the treated area wet
  • Avoid picking any scabs and resisting the urge to scratch
  • Avoid using any makeup on the treated area

It is all a matter of using common sense to treat the area with care and  attention. You will find the ares starts to recover quickly and within 48 hours you will see recovery already!