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Semi Permanent Lip Blush

What Is Lip Blush or Lip Tatoos?

Most people who get semi permanent lip blush (lip tatoo) opt for a colour that enhances their own natural colour and is not too bold. You can still wear lip gloss or a darker shade of lipstick on special occasions. It is the process where colour pigment is inject into the lips with tiny needles first draw the design you want. They will then trace it onto the desired area of your lips.

You’ll eventually need a touch-up to keep your lip tattoo looking as it did when you first got it done. Typically lip tatoos last anywhere between 1 to 3 years.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need the entire thing done again, though. Depending on how much your tattoo has faded, you may only need touch-ups for certain colours.

You might also consider getting your lips touched up if you want a different colour entirely. This is especially common with permanent makeup.

The great thing about semi permanent lip blush is that a we age, we tend to lose that pink colour in our lips and this procedure brings back life to your lips.

Also, day in and day out, you do not have to keep applying makeup; you can literally forget all about your makeup touch-ups as this semi permanent lip colour does not fade throughout the day.



So What Happens When You Get a Lip Tattoo?


During the lip tattoo session, we will first draw the design you desire and they will then trace it onto the desired area of your lips.

Using sterile needles, we will then insert the desired ink pigments you’re your lips by making slow, methodical shallow punctures in your skin.

Essentially, this is a 2 step process and your lips will be brighter to start with for just a couple of weeks and after the treatment, you will need to keep them moisturised at all times for approx. 14 days. This way you will aid the healing process and

On the second visit you have your touch up and at this stage, the colour and shape will be adjusted as needed and this is when the pigment is retained more and you will achieve your desired colour.

And as it lasts between 1-3 years, it saves you a fortune on buying makeup products! Your lips will look fuller, more defined, and balanced.