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Looking for a Wedding Makeup Artist that will transform your day and make you feel gorgeous and super special?

I have done hundreds of wedding makeup shoots for not only the bride but also bridesmaids, brides mother and guests. I love it with a passion. I have so much experience working in high end fashion shoots across the UK and have also worked on models in bridal competitions too.

Also working with world renowned makeup artists allowed me to perform makeovers on some of the top professional models who were featured on Mac and Charlotte Tilsbury billboards & other media throughout London.

My makeover pictures were selected out of hundreds for the front page of the Delamar Academy.

So I can definitely work with you to make sure you have the right look you want on your big day.

wedding makeup artist


I highly recommend a makeup trial before the big day, so we can make sure that we have your exact colour match and look you desire. This allows us the time and the space to experiment so there is no last minute decisions on such a special day.

These trials can be for just you, the bride, but also for bridesmaids if you desire.


Please see below a list of my prices and also note that on occasions, if there are a number of bridesmaids and guests, I am happy to consider a discount – we can discuss this in more detail.

Before The Wedding

Trial for the bride – £60

Bride – £100

Bridesmaids – £75

Mother of bride –  £65

Mother of groom –  £65

Guests – £55

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